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Everyone is aware of the extreme devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey to the Houston area one month ago. As Texans are known to do, many have stepped up in various ways to offer aid and support to those affected. 

Strube Livestock has provided over 5000 livestock projects to the Houston area for the last 12 years. We are geared up again this year to take a large number of animals in October to 4 different school districts that were devastated by Hurricane Harvey.

We have given Strube Livestock apparel and caps to our customers for over a decade and often get requests for certain items to purchase. However, we refuse to charge customers for what we feel is a sign of appreciation for trusting us and buying into the brand. We take pride in raising and selling livestock. Most importantly, we are passionate about supporting youth that engage in such a rewarding, family oriented project. 

In an effort to help these stockshow kids and families, we are selling some special Strube Livestock apparel. 100% of the proceeds will go directly to the 4 school districts in the Houston area that we partner with to help these young people as they receive their new livestock projects.  For more information please contact Strube Livestock.  

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